Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Strange Dress

As much as I don't plan on making fashion something I address with any regularity, I can't help but point out how strange Michelle Obama's dress was tonight.

First, the red is in a kind of hourglass shape. On a black background this looks like a black widow's markings to me. But then they probably don't have many black widow spiders up there in Chicago.

Second, the red resembles a stylized spray of blood originating from her belly. Does this somehow reflect the unborn lives that will be lost during the Obama administration?

Of course I don't really think this dress says anything about Mrs. Obama. I doubt she meant her dress to express anything, and I wouldn't hold her fashion sense against her... Especially since she's married to the (soon-to-be) most powerful man in the world.


Stephanie said...

I, too, thought it was an odd choice for her to wear that dress. My first thought was that the red on the stomach area of the dress represented the innocent babies' lives that would be lost if Obama does follow through on his promise to lift restrictions on abortion.

Dan and Aid said...

I thought red was the republican color.