Friday, November 21, 2008

Gay Mob Pursues Christians

Did anyone hear about the gay mob that chased the Christians out of a San Fransisco neighborhood? How about this question...did you hear about it from a blog, or from a news outlet (5).

The MSM didn't report it. In fact, do an Internet search right now for it, and most of what you'll find are blog posts about it, not news articles. I did a search on Yahoo! news and came up with one hit (1); Google news found 95 (2). For reference, the 11-10 Steelers-Chargers game shows up 948 times on Yahoo! (3) and 2002 on Google (4).

I won't go into the media bias, however; I'd be beating a dead horse if I pointed it out. Instead, I'll dwell on this article some more. Or, rather, on the columns, since there are so few articles.

Most have quickly pointed out the numerous demonstrations by the ''No on 8'' campaign at churches. They point out an irony: the Christians and mormons haven't chased away from the steps of their churches any demonstrators exercising their right to assemble; yet, a group of Christians, also exercising their right to assemble, is chased out of the neighborhood...followed by howls of, ''And don't ever come back!'' The irony, of course, is the answer to the question, ''Which group is more tolerant of others?''

Some pointed out that, had it been the other way around with Christians chasing out gays, it would've been front page news. Bleakly, they opined, ''Hate crimes only occur when homosexuals are attacked, not Christians.'' (6)

Blogs from the other side condemned the mob's action as counter-productive to their goals. The individuals making up the mob were simply that...individuals, and not representative of the whole.

I'd like to point out the hypocrisy of the whole situation. The gay lobby constantly is trying to convince me not to vote to limit marriage because it won't affect me. "Live and let live" they say; "you live your life and I'll live mine." The reactions to the Christians in the video, however, make me doubt the gay lobby believes at all what they're preaching. They're such steadfast adherents to "live and let live" that they'll chase out everyone who disagrees with them, all the while hootin' and hollerin'.

''Hate'' was a common theme during the campaign. In fact, the ''No on 8'' campaign's slogan was ''8 is Hate.'' Well, I definitely see hate in the video.

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Nathan said...

I expected you to point out the added hypocrisy of the other side saying, "The individuals making up the mob were simply that... individuals, and not representative of the whole."

But you wrote enough, so I'll point out the obvious on this one. Many "Gay Rights" activists like to claim that violence against homosexuals can be blamed on Christianity. And they refuse to see that it is individuals acting against Christian principles who are truly aggressive toward homosexuals, even if they occasionally gather into "churches" like the one run by Rev. Phelps (I think that's his name).

More often, though, the most anti-gay groups are actually gangs like the KKK, skinheads, and neo-nazis. We should all be aware that these groups are quite broad in their hate. They really hate black people and Jews, and they even hate us Catholics.

I don't see how the Catholic Church can be blamed for the activities of groups which the Church will excommunicate you for joining.