Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Incompetent Press

Here's another example of the media's horrible ability to interpret anything that anyone in the Catholic Church says: View Rips Catholicism Again

First, some background from the Catholic League:
"A news story in today’s New York Post claims there is “a new study approved by the Vatican” on sin that concludes that “Men and women sin in different ways.” Men are more given to lust; women to pride."
And now part of The View's absurd response to this "study":
Whoopi Goldberg: "Realize the Vatican is the last word in all things that are god. For some folks. But explain how you suddenly can write new sins. You can't do that."
Yeah... apparently being famous requires utterly incoherent thinking. To see the full extent of the craziness, be sure to read the whole story, and it's follow up.


Nathan said...

I think this is how the media fills positions:

NOW HIRING: Fancy Media Guy
REQUIREMENTS: Must look and sound fancy. Must be utterly incompetent. Must have no beliefs that differ from the 'normal' modern American culture. Must interpret all other beliefs as being as incoherent as possible. Democrat preferred.

Nathan said...

Oh, and just in case it wasn't clear for anyone other than TV personalities: Lust and Pride are not "new sins," unless Whoopi somehow predates Adam and Eve...