Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catholics Come Home

This is a really cool website that was mentioned in Columbia (the Knights of Columbus magazine):


Its main purpose is obviously to bring home Catholics who have drifted away from the Church, but it seems to evangelize in other directions as well. In the Columbia article it said that the site brought 3,000 people back to the church in its first 2 weeks.

The commercials are especially good, so make sure to watch those.


Stephanie said...

This website has so many resources! The commercials are excellent. This site is very well-done.

Nathan said...

My favorite commercial is "Epic 120," it's just so pretty... though it does remind me of a travel/tourism commercial.

Stephanie said...

I liked that "Epic 120" commercial the best too. It is amazing when you hear all those things the Catholic Church has done, like starting the college system, developing the scientific method, founding hospitals, and being the largest charitable organization in the world.