Saturday, March 15, 2014


Since last fall two pilgrimage groups from my parish have been preparing for pilgrimages across Spain's Way of Saint James (or Road of Jim, as I call it. Well, not really, but I should).

Last week the Pastor announced that they were now planning a large-scale professional documentary filming the men's pilgrimage group, IF they can get the funding. Yawn. In my typical manner, I thought, "whatever, I'll probably have to watch it eventually if it comes out."

But my sister (as I call her) is in the women's pilgrimage group, and is totally excited about the project, so she urged me to take a closer look. I begrudgingly agreed (she SO owes me... and not just for this). And...

It turns out she was right (this time...). Reading the Press Kit on the website was actually pretty interesting. Then I started watching Grassroots Films' other documentary, The Human Experience, and it's great.

The film will show the Catholic roots of the Way of St. James, which has been increasingly taken over by a secular tourist market. And more importantly, it will show how we can gain something great by leaving behind the comforts of our ordinary life in pursuit of God.

St. James the Greater was one of the three Apostles closest to Jesus, and was the first Apostle martyred for the faith. The facts are somewhat contested, but legend holds that St. James spent time evangelizing Spain, but returned to Jerusalem to be martyred. This pilgrimage ends at his Santiago de Compostela, where the remains of St. James are kept. But whether or not St. James truly walked the land of Spain in his life, the pilgrims are still following his way, for the true way of St. James is that of abandoning your life to follow Christ into the unknown.

It's hard for me to care about a documentary, but this will be something great. But for it to be made, they need a lot of support in the next few weeks, so please head over to to help out.

Update 4/15/14
The documentary's Kickstarter is coming to a close soon. If you haven't checked out out yet, at least go watch the video. And keep an eye out for the Kickstarter 's relaunch in coming weeks. It should get abetter start, and be a more exciting ride.

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